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Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is a particular passion of mine as it is such a diverse subject to shoot and has taken me allover the world and also met some of the most creative forward thinking people along the way.

My style of shooting takes particular care with angles to gain the most pictorial impact available. The images i produce are also shot with an editorial eye as well as for look books.

I totally maximize the fashion items, making them more desirable and indeed saleable from clothing, lingerie, swimwear, jewelry, millinery to accessories at any location.

I shoot from singular to group models , any gender, with no problem getting the message across for the designer.

My style is to be eye catching but for the right reasons, to be different but not so different it looks ridiculous as you still have to sell in the real world but still offer aspirational guidance.


Also offering pin sharp catwalk and runway imagery for publications and online use with a few years experience behind me as well shooting London Fashion Week and invites for New York & Paris. Also offering full show coverage for designers on the runway and tasteful backstage imagery used to promote the story of the collection and the designer for the days important fashion event.

I have also been brought in to help organise catwalk shows for choreography with my vast experience of managing models and working closely with fashion brands.

Whenever I shoot collections in the UK or abroad the sales rise....

Fashion Gallery Images