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Modeling photography is one of my most strongest areas of expertise over the years, which has taken my photography to different parts of the world shooting working alongside brands and designers.

I also mentor and direct models to keep them in the real world , photographically and career wise as this is a very tough industry where who you know rules a lot of the time.

 I have a small ( having owned a huge studio with a team of 20 before but still get the same results)  but fully equipped studio but also shoot in central London and all over the UK , alongside overseas locations, preordained by the brand or designers we work with to get world class results for look books, advertising and brand awareness for social media.

Modeling isn't an easy industry despite what people think, it requires 100% focus and commitment. Fitness and also common sense applies as today's model tends to, in the real world, be a freelancer and self manage with guidance, if you are lucky, by a proper agency.

I offer high end imagery in different genres in an uncomplicated teaching method in a no stress environment.

If you need to upgrade and kill off your old portfolio or are looking to shoot a new one entirely or even want to add different genres to bolster your current portfolio just message me for further discussion on what is professionally required for where you want to be targeted. My first action is to start a board on Pinterest to see exactly the style you are looking for and then go from there to construct a shoot- in studio or on location.



Please feel free to click on the Pinterest icon below to visit my page and to see an extended look at my portfolio.

Also check out the model gallery on this page.

TFP is available,but the model has to be outstanding or have a brand onboard

Test shoots from £125 (non MUA Supported) Studio & location shoots available by separate bespoke quote

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