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FASHION photography

Fashion photography is a passion of mine as it is such a diverse genre to shoot and has taken me all over the world, meeting the most amazing creatives & models and being published internationally.  I love the challenges it brings every time I shoot to get that certain look and style I have built over the years. It's all about angles, composition and marketing the look for the designer/model to get out there for the right commercial reasons because the whole point is to sell the clothes. Model management is paramount and direction given is extremely vital when creating that 'look' and styling.

It's all very well producing lovely pictures just for Instagram world (although important) but they have to have a direction and purpose to get published, for look book content or advertising in general. Above all with creating imagery, in my personal opinion, it should be professionally valid and extremely high standards.


My brand and model shoots have a team ethic built in and an easy environment to be in to create images and assets to the highest level. I totally maximize the fashion items, making them more desirable and indeed saleable from clothing, lingerie, swimwear, jewelry, millinery to accessories at any location in the world and with an experienced editorial eye.


RUNWAY photography

Extremely experienced in the organized chaos of runway and catwalk shows offering pin sharp catwalk and runway imagery for publications and online use.


I am a London Fashion Week accredited on schedule runway photographer and our publication VOUZ! magazine has British fashion council accreditation for coverage alongside. I can also cover the whole fashion event and behind the scenes in a low profile, professional, manner.

I constantly get invites to Paris, New York and Milan fashion weeks to shoot. I offer the flexibility for full show coverage for designers on the runway and tasteful backstage imagery used to promote the story of the collection and the designer for the show day or either I dash in between shows and presentations with a hectic schedule but hey that's the professional photographer environment at fashion weeks wherever in the world...

I have also been brought in to help organize catwalk shows ( alongside with my wife Corinne, who is steeped in fashion knowledge and experience) for choreography with my vast experience of managing models and working closely with fashion brands.

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